In order to achieve our objectives, students and teachers work on projects quite a lot. They participate in different class and school’s projects as well as in Slovene and international projects, using modern ICT technology. The intercultural education is our overall and  main school project at the moment.


School projects

During each school year we work on different projects, on different levels with different numbers of pupils and limited time. The whole school project, called the Open Door Day is the most outstanding event for the whole school. All teachers and pupils participate throughout the year and the Open days the day of presentations of our workon different topics and a celebration for all: pupils, teachers, parents and all guests.

We participate in different national development and innovative projects in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Institute of Education as Early foreign language learning in 2nd grade, Team teaching with foreign language teacher, Intercultural education with team teaching in the 1st triade, Intercultural and authentic teaching and learning, Formative assessment in Physics.  

International projects


Since 2014 our school participates in Erasmus+ project with the KA1 project Holistic education of young Europeans. Our teachers attend structured courses and job shadowing on different topics and different countries. In that way they enrich their pedagogic knowledge and experience and make their teaching more modern and better.

Comenius projects

Our school has been a part of the Comenius projects for more then ten years. We just concluded with the coordination of the three years project Our lives in which partner schools from Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Turkey participate. The project was awarded with “Apple of Quality” national award by Ministry of Education and European Mobility Centre of Slovenia. Nowdays we participate in Erasmus+ project. Our teachers upgrade their knowledge on different courses in different countries and participate with different European schools.

On-line projects

As one of the first schools from Slovenia we have been an active part and a co-ordinating school of different projects either in Slovenia or world wide on-line projects: 

Our school organises lectures, seminars, conferences and other events where we speak about our experiences and knowledge to all Slovenian teachers who are interested in our work.


We are an European school

Our creativity which is enabled by project work and the use of computer and Internet technology made us recognised in Slovenia, Europe and the whole world. We are the first school in Slovenia using an interactive board. European Schoolnet ( awarded us the status of an European Innovative School which made us an active member of European Network of Innovative Schools, the status of MyEurope school. The Latin project My Town in Roman Times has been elected among top hundred European projects.

Đulijana Juričič, the project coordinator




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